How You Can Help

Running a campaign is a lot of work but it’s work that I’m eager to do. Here’s how you can help me get elected so that I can speak for our students and best represent you and our community.

Spread the Word

  • Tell as many people as possible about me and ask them to vote for me on October 22nd
  • Share my page on your social media accounts
  • Email your friends and neighbours – I can send you a template

Host a Meet and Greet

  • Invite some friends and neighbours to your home, I can do all the talking but most importantly the listening
  • Keep it casual


  • Campaigns can get costly, your contribution will go a long way
  • You can contribute via an e-transfer to or by cheque (contact me for mailing address)

Let me know how you can help me so that I can help you and our community.

Thank you!

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