Keeping You Informed

When my kids first started school, I had no idea what a Trustee did. Over the years, I’ve involved myself in their school in countless ways. I started by attending School Council meetings. I progressed to volunteering in the Hot Lunch Program and the Literacy Program. I became the Parent Involvement Committee Representative, requesting and executing PRO Grants. I attended countless workshops and training sessions and continued to volunteer at school. I became the Co-Chair of the School Council and eventually the Chairperson. Along the way I spoke with Administrators, Trustees, and Superintendents. They provided me with a lot of information; information that I shared on an ongoing basis with other parents. If I had a question, I was determined to find the answer.

As Trustee, I hope to have a direct link with you so that you can hear from me but more importantly so that I can hear from you. I will open the lines of communication so that everyone can stay informed and involved. And along the way, I will always encourage you to take an active role in education.

I want the School Councils of Wards 3 & 6 to come together and meet regularly to discuss what’s happening in their schools, share ideas, come up with solutions and unite the communities. I plan to accomplish this by hosting quarterly meetings with the executive teams. I also want to know what’s most important for the students and parents of both wards, then prioritize the needs and take action accordingly.

This election is not about me, it’s about your needs and the needs of our kids. If you have an idea, please share it with me. There are so many great ideas out there and I can be your voice. I want to be your voice. I want to be your partner in education.

Until I’m elected, please follow me on FB @tanyarochatrustee or on Twitter @trusttanyarocha

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